Firma 103 is a Hasselt based design studio working in the fields of culture and commerce.
We are Martijn Pillards & Bert Hornikx.

What we do

We design and develop everything from printwork to websites, applications and more.

What we don't do

We don’t do communications (strategy, campaigns), but we work closely together with people who do. We’ll get you in touch.

Selected Clients

52creations, Bandwerk, Barefood Giulia, Benny Zen, Beyonderground, Blammo, Bloemenweelde, C T Architects, C&P Furniture, C-Mine, Carmetum, CC Maasmechelen, CIAP, Comosie, Creneau International, de Queeste, De Roma, Design in Limburg, Ekstur, Eskader, Fashion Across Borders, Firma 103, Forte Limburg, Fred Eerdekens, het KIP, het nieuwstedelijk, Il Proverbio, iMinds, Info Cultuur, Jonathan Burrows, Jozef Dumoulin, Karl Philips, Kopij, Lena Müller, Liesje Reyskens, Michael Verheyden, Milk and Cookies, Modemuseum Hasselt, Motives for Jazz, Muziekodroom, Octurn, Open Maps, Peer Baierlein, Pippa Handmade, Play Festival, Power of Print, Prospekta, RE-ST, Research Group Social Spaces, Roel Vandebeek, Ruimte Vlaanderen, Runxt, Santermans+Cielen architecten, Serge Haelterman, Smartlab, Social Spaces, Stad Gent, Stad Hasselt, Studio Finster, Studio Kernland, Takt Dommelhof, The School, Thomas Laureyssens, TOUR, Universal Music Belgium, Very Contemporary, Visuals Internationals, Werkmannen, Z33

Apart from working for clients, we continuously challenge ourselfs with experiments in electronics, design and user interface experience.

We are always open to interesting collaborations.


Runxt is a brand we launched in 2010 together with the creation of our first iOS music app called Runxt Life.

Runxt creates audio applications & hardware controllers. Whether it’s software or hardware, we take great care in developing our product, both form and function.



Bandwerk is a series of audio/video recordings located in our small office.

We invite musicians to spend a day in our office and offer them a musician friendly environment. We encourage our guests to leave their natural habitat and stimulate experimentation.

Bandwerk is an attempt to capture spontaneous interaction.

We’ve put this project on hold for now, but it will surely be continued in the near future in one form or another.